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Description of Continent Research



Eric Rubin

South Africa: New Diagnostics for Tuberculosis

Manoj Duraisingh

Senegal, Nigeria and Tanzania: malaria

Max Essex

Botswana: Harvard AIDS Institute

Sarah Fortune

Durban, South Africa: tuberculosis

Phyllis Kanki

Nigeria:  HIV and STD Surveillance and Intervention Studies

Senegal:  Molecular epidemiology of HIV-2 and HIV-1 infections,  assessing the impact of viral and host genetics in viral transmission, disease progression and immunity.

Matthias Marti

Malawi; Nigeria: malaria

Dyann Wirth

Malawi:  Plasmodium falciparum genetic determinants of severe malaria

Nigeria: Genetic diversity and mechanisms of drug resistance in P. falciparum

Senegal: Molecular analysis of drug resistance in P. falciparum