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Andrea Baccarelli

China, Thailand, Oman, India, Mauritius, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri-Lanka, Iraq, Afghanistan

  • epigenetic effects of environmental and occupational carcinogens, as well as the associations of epigenetic biomarkers with cancer risk

David Christiani


  • Arsenic exposure and skin disorders in Bangladesh: A molecular epidemiologic study


  • Cardio-pulmonary effects of particulate exposures in chronically-ill and healthy adults in Beijing
  • Longitudinal Study of respiratory disease in textile workers (since 1981)
  • Molecular Epidemiology of COPD in urban areas
  • Markers of susceptibility to pneumoconises in South China


  • Arsenic exposure, bladder and skin cancer epidemiologic studies
  • Brain Neoplasms, Leukemia and Petrochemical Exposures in Children and Young Adults in Kaohsiung area: a Molecular Epidemiologic Investigation