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Description of Continent Research

North America

North America

Andrea Baccarelli

North America: Mexico City (epigenetic effects of environmental and occupational carcinogens, as well as the associations of epigenetic biomarkers with cancer risk)

Barry Bloom


Joseph Brain

environmental lung disease; respiratory infection

Barbara Burleigh

Latin America: Chagas’ disease

David Christiani

health effects of exposure to chemicals

Immaculata De Vivo

endometrial, breast and ovarian cancers

Sarah Fortune


Jeffrey Fredberg


Tiffany Horng

Nlrp3 inflammasome; macrophage biology, chronic inflammatory diseases; autoinflammatory diseases

Gökhan Hotamisligil

diabetes; insulin resistance; obesity; atherosclerosis

Curtis Huttenhower

human microbiome; inflammatory bowel diseases; autoimmune disorders

Lester Kobzik

lung disease; asthma; prenatal programming for adult disease; pneumonia; influenza

Chih-Hao Lee

metabolic diseases, obesity

Bernardo Lemos

pollution; metals; epigenetics

Marc Lipsitch

Streptococcus pneumoniae; antigenic variation; antimicrobial resistance

Quan Lu

asthma, diabetes, adrenergic receptor signaling, gene-environment interaction, metal toxicants

William Mair

cancer; metabolic disease; Alzheimer's disease

Brendan Manning

Cancer; Genetic Tumor Syndromes; Type-2 Diabetes; Obesity; Aging

Matthias Marti


James Mitchell

surgical stress;Cockayne syndrome

Eric Rubin


Frank Sacks

coronary heart disease; hyperlipidemia; obesity; hypertension

Stephanie Shore

asthma; environmental pollution; obesity

Joseph Sodroski


Daniel Tschumperlin

fibrosis; asthma; pulmonary hypertension; acute lung injury; mechanobiology

Vishal Vaidya

kidney disease

Marianne Wessling-Resnick

hemochromatosis; manganese neurotoxicity; iron deficiency; gene-environment interactions