Student Life

Students at BPH enjoy all the facets of life in addition to pursuing their academic and research interests. The size and structure of BPH facilitates informal interactions with other students and with faculty. To promote a cohesive sense of community, doctoral students participate in a wide spectrum of activities ranging from dinner meetings and lunches with distinguished lecturers, works- in -progress coffee talks; student/faculty T.G.I.F. gatherings, etc.  Typical recreational activities include movie nights, whale watches, ice skating on the Boston Common, Latin dancing, participation in public health-related fundraising walks and other community events, Boston Harbor dinner cruises, club hopping, ski weekends, etc.

The diversity of students in BPH and throughout HSPH, and in the wider academic community of Boston and Cambridge, provides a rich and vibrant social environment. The Boston area thrives with cultural, historical, and recreational activities. There are abundant opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, beachcombing, surfing, skiing, and exploring throughout the scenic New England region.